Axis Production

Axis Production is a comprehensive solution for production data management. It includes functionality to capture and allocate production volumes to fields, wells and JV partners and is also used for well tests, samples, production planning and production losses.

Axis takes in raw measurement data and transforms it into definitive statements of production that can be distributed to government, partners and internal consumers. It brings efficiency and control to this process, ensuring the highest possible degree of confidence in the results.

Axis Production provides standard functionality for managing the entire allocation process, and can also be tailored to include requirements specific to a single installation. The standard functionality includes automated and manual data load, data validation, mismeasurement correction, approval and allocation. A number of standard allocation methods are provided and customised methods can be implemented using the Axis calculation engine. Well tests are captured and processed, then reviewed and approved for use in allocation. Where appropriate, well curves based on multi-rate well tests or well simulation models may be used for more accuracy.

Managing a production facility efficiently requires an accurate knowledge of production losses (also called deferments). In Axis Production, deferment functionality is integrated into the allocation system. This ensures that the same well test data is used both for allocation and for calculation of deferred production. It also means that downtime need only be entered once. Therefore, users spend less time entering data and more time understanding the causes of downtime and the effects on production.

The key to building and maintaining confidence in allocation results is data integrity. This means ensuring that data is carefully validated before it is used and that subsequent updates are strictly controlled. Axis includes a comprehensive yet easy-to-use set of functions that ensure data integrity is maintained securely and efficiently.

Axis Production is part of the Axis product suite and therefore is fully integrated with the hydrocarbon accounting system. This ensures there is one database that acts as a single definitive source of production data for use throughout the organisation. It also means that the comprehensive set of standard features of Axis Core are available.