Axis Tanker

Axis Tanker is used by operators of FPSOs and onshore storage facilities to support tanker scheduling and stock management for their facilities.

The data model allows Axis Tanker to be configured with the necessary relationships and data to represent the typical commercial arrangements that exist in oil storage and offtake operations, including defining equity partners and their entitlements, associated stock accounts and pooling arrangements between partners.

Mechanisms are provided to allow for easy and efficient upload of production forecasts. Axis Tanker employs standard scheduling algorithms to produce forecast lifting schedules based on forecast production and partner entitlements. Forecast data for partner stock accounts are generated as part of this process.

Actual production figures can be entered into Axis Tanker either manually or automatically through an interface with the production data historian. Forecast production figures are automatically replaced with actual production figures as they become available. Stock positions are re-calculated based on actual production, and the future lifting schedule is updated, subject to defined business rules.

Axis Tanker allow future liftings to be locked so that their dates become fixed, while the dates for liftings further in the future are still allowed to float as production forecasts are updated and actual production figures replace forecasts.

Once a lifting has physically taken place, the details of the actual lifting can then be recorded. This includes recording of actual lifting volume and other physical measurements (e.g. density, BS&W percentage), as well as full bill of ladings calculations.

For tanker liftings, the system automatically generates the cargo documents, including bill of lading, timesheet, and certificates of quantity, quality and origin.

Axis Tanker also allows for the calculation of demurrage in accordance with the particular business rules for such.

Calculations may be carried out to reconcile production, liftings and calculated stock with actual measured stock levels.

Axis Tanker is part of the Axis product suite and therefore is fully integrated with the hydrocarbon accounting system. This ensures there is one database that acts as a single definitive source of production data for use throughout the organisation. It also means that the comprehensive set of standard features of Axis Core are available.